Lazy Sunday afternoon? No chance!


Well its taken eight months to make my second post, so it better be a good one!

Sunday 6th April started with snow. Not the light sprinkling which the weather forecast for the North, but a good old three or four inches – whoopee! Snow! Its snowing!! What better thing to do than to turn over and go back to sleep.

Radio 4 reminded us that it always used to snow in April, so this isn’t necessarily reverse global warming at work and the weather forecast reminded us that they had correctly predicted snow for the North. What about us in the SOUTH – its snowing here too, but apparently nothing worth confirmation by the Beeb.

Poking the stove to revive last night’s embers, I turned the TV on just in time to see the local news celebrating the freaky weather by inviting us to mail in our photos of the chaotic aftermath of the blanket of white. We were shown “some we already have” which mainly consisted of a man and his daughter standing on a lightly covered patch of snow – certainly we had suffered worse than this but at least we were now not alone in noticing.

Oh yes – I almost forgot. Just before lunch I took a look at some narrowboats for sale on the web and by teatime I had bought one.  Another one, that is; I already have one but something on this now sunny afternoon told me that one simply wouldn’t be enough this summer. Zulu Warrior was about to be revived from its residential slumbers.

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