Zulu Warrior shrinks to original size


Zulu was first licenced in 1973 at 49 feet, but examining the old log books and paperwork she has apparently grown over the years.

Its probably quite common to have two lengths for a boat – the real length and the length on the licence. Zulu Warrior seems to have several to choose from.

Surveyed in January 2008, she was found to be 56 feet long.

Advertised by Yourmove in January 2007 she was 54 feet long. According to the web she was also a one bedroom house in those days, but then they are Estate Agents and definitely not boat brokers.

Advertised for sale earlier this week she was still 54 feet long, but she seemed to go through a 52 foot stage during the mid eighties according to her old log books.

I am relieved to say that now unencumbered by the undergrowth along her moorings I was able to run a tape measure along the towpath where she turns out to be a modest 49 feet after all. I do hope she doesn’t grow again – I like her just as she is.

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