Fire extinguishers – a rant!


How, in this day and age, can it cost as much to refill a fire extinguisher as it does to buy a new one.

Surely it could be done for 50p. A bit of powder, screw the top on, pressurise – job done.

Today I am addressing some of the critical failure points for a new boat safety certificate. Zulu has a BSC valid for another two years, but there are a number of issues which would fail instantly if I had her retested today. Fire extinguishers is one of them, as not only does she not have enough (should have three) but the two which are installed are both empty.

It never struck me before as normally I am surrounded by serviceable fire extinguishers and don’t give them a second thought. Now I am sitting looking at a defunct empty one and am thinking how vulnerable I would be on a boat with which I am not yet totally familiarised, if I actually needed to tackle a fire, so today its off to the shop to have them refilled… no chance!

I therefore feel really aggrieved, not just that I have just had to pay out sixty quid for three brand new ones (yes I do know that Lidl occasionally do small ones for a fiver), but also that I now have two perfectly good looking empty ones which are destined for the bin, or ebay. Or maybe I will just have the boat tested then put them empties back for show (NOT!!!).

If anyone has any use for the two empties (1kg and 2kg), then I presume you will know how to get them refilled. Can you let me in on the secret?

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