Rugby to Marston Doles


Rugy to Marston Doles – Oxford Canal

The weather forecast was pretty accurate today. Rain, no rain, rain, sun, rain, no rain etc. And freezing cold at tea time too – that wasn’t so much the forecast as a general observation from the tiller.

Hillmorton locks were all but desserted today, and between showers the day was quite a pleasant relief from yesterday’s scorcher. In fact the showers were quite pleasant too – even warm – until one particularly vicious one which caused us to do an emergency parking manoeuvre beneath a large tree until it passed over. Not too far to Braunston from here, so Seth got a nice three mile round trip to the supermarket and back. Naturally the gentle rain wasnt wet enough for him, so he simply jumped into the canal on the way with a “That will teach you to keep me on a boiling hot boat all day” look on his face. I gave him a “That will teach you that wet dogs have to stay off the sofa” look in return, but he didn’t understand. Such are the innocent pleasures of being a dog.

After so many miles and so few locks it was actually quite nice to do 9 in a row, especially with the cold evening turning into a lovely warm mellow summer twilight and not a soul to disturb us.

So pretty much on schedule for arriving at Cropredy tomorrow. Just one slight problem – we have no food on board!!! Eeek… the South Oxford without food. Planning was never my forte. We may even have to resort to pub bistro food, such are the facilities en route. Still I guess the village stores in Cropredy will be taking in bumper stock this week ready for a 72 hour festival sized queue next weekend, which hopefully will not have materialised by the time we arrive.

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