Claydon to Cropredy


Saturday 2nd August
Claydon to Cropredy – South Oxford Canal

Only a couple of miles but very pleasant as we dropped down another three locks into Cropredy ready for Fairport’s Cropredy Convention, which doesn’t start until Thursday.

Moorings were still plentiful and we pulled up just above the short term moorings at the lock.  There are currently few signs of the festival – everything normal, but as it has been held for 30+ years I guess there is a well rehearsed plan behind the scenes, for instance the camping sites and car parks were already layed out and manned, giving a little hint of things to come.

So here were are then – tickets in hand, purchased from Ebay only a couple of weeks ago, and I have already sold the spare camping ticket to a local, who even came up to the Bridge Stores to meet me an collect it.  Result – I have 3 day festival tickets for less than half their face value, which cant be a bad thing.

Now all we need is for the weather to stabilise.  Today has been hot then cold again, like some cheap mixer tap which seems unable to ever reach the temperature you would prefer.  It will be such a shame if everyone gets soaked next week, although it wouldnt be the first time, nor the end of the world, it is so much nicer to sit on the grass than stand in the mud.

So with boat moored its time to go back to Newbury for a while, returning Wednesday if everything goes according to plan.

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