Two of everything now that I have Three


I have to be online daily, as whilst I lead a nomadic life, it can only be paid for by occasional bursts of activity on various computer systems which are usually too far away to visit.  The internet bridges the gap – I can usually put things right wherever I am, as long as the laptop and internet connection are both functioning.

Last week the laptop woke me up at 3am with a scream – yes the laptop, and not me.  It was definitely not well, and in the morning it refused to go beyond a repeat of this awful noise.  Realising this was serious, and not having time to work out if it was repairable, I duly headed to PCWorld and came home with a lovely new one.

Fortunately, when the dust had settled, I realised that the screaming noise was most likely due to a keyboard error, and found if booted to DOS, the W, S and X keys still worked confirming that the rest of the keys didn’t.  Unable to spell anything using these keys alone, I ordered a new keyboard from ebay which has sorted out the problem and now I have a spare laptop to take travelling!   Cost of repair £15.00.

Anyway T-Mobile, my normal means of connecting to the internet,  turns out to be pathetically slow here in Middlewich – one thing I forgot to check before taking the mooring here.  So today I checked who did provide 3G service to Middlewich and was pleased to find that Three do and so for emergency use only, I am now the proud owner of two mobile broadband systems, as well of course as two laptops and err… two boats including two of almost everything else needed to equip a boat.

Three 3G works too (thank goodness), and very fast it is.  But as a trial I have taken out the PAYG option which gives only 1Gb or 30 days for a tenner.  I have used 20% of this today alone without really doing anything.  As I said – its for emergency use only – but how can they possibly pretend that this bandwidth is suitable for a month’s worth of browsing and email!

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