Rest in peace

Last week I was concerned that Norman, the resident moorer at Big Lock moorings, was not around.  On previous visits he was always there – sitting outside with dog Holly, a rollup and a mug of tea putting the world to right with all the passing dog walkers, or pottering around on the moorings where he has recently planted dozens of bushes and fruit trees.  In fact last time I was here I didn’t see him either, although Holly was sniffing around on the towpath, and his back cabin light was on, so I thought no more of it.

On Thursday I was therefore horrified when Norman’s brother came looking for the boat and told me that Norman had died and his body was found onboard on Tuesday after a concerned dog walker had called the police.

I knew that not all the family had been informed, and so didn’t post anything until now, when today the sad news is the headline story in today’s Middlewich Guardian.   Luckily Holly has been taken in by the person who called the police.

But the sad story has really been nagging me this week.  If only I had insisted on checking up last time I was here instead of assuming all was OK after seeing the dog, then things may have worked out different.  Norman was a lovely bloke and lots of people are going to miss him when passing by the moorings.

So I ever notice anyone missing from their boat in the future I will certainly be more inquisitive, just incase.

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