Muddiest week for 18 years?


Big Brother has told us to expect more snow this week, hot on the heels of the worst snow in the UK for 18 years.  As the forecast has been fairly accurate this week, I’m sure its on its way too, so I took advantage of a relatively clear Sundat to pop up to Middlewich and check that Zulu is surviving the extreme weather.  I even managed to fix the leaking Paloma water heater,  and this time properly drained it as well as the whole water system.  I learnt the hard way, and wont be caught out again – I hope.

Middlewich hit the national news this week when almost every local authority in the council tried to order more salt for the roads only to learn that there was no more road salt in the country.  That is apart from at Middlewich, where allegedly British Salt had been absent mindedly tossing all of the bi-products of their table salt making process into a 100,000 tonne heap without much regard for what it would ever be used for.  Smartly they doubled the price for rock salt and still sold enough to form a 4 hour queue for local residents caught up in the traffic jam of lorries arriving from all over the country and queuing all the way down the A54 from the M6.

So perhaps some good for Middlewich may come from the weather.  Today there were plenty of lorries around but no traffic jams.  But has nobody remembered what damage the salt does to our cars – I must remember to get the jetwash out when I get home and remove todays’ coating.

The muddiest moorings for 18 years?
The muddiest moorings for 18 years?

Sadly the pathway beside Zulu’s moorings has deteriorated to the extent that I have complained to British Waterways – although not a public footpath, our moorrings are used as a short cut to the local dog walking field by litearally hundreds of dogs and their owners day.  The mud churned up by so many footprints has finally reached the stage where it is almost impossible to slither along from Big Lock to the boat without falling over, or even worse falling into the water – to one side the frozen canal and to the other a drop of 12 feet to the river which is flowing like whitewater rapids following the thawing snow.

So today I am not happy.  I hope BW may see sense and divert one of the their towpath renewal teams currently working on in Middlewich over to sort out a couple of loads of stone to stabilise the path.  We will see!  Meanwhile I need to perfect a way to keep the mud out of the boat but am still practicing.

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