What a lovely warmish spring day.  A delight to drive up to Middlewich and find Zulu is absolutely fine, apart from her slightly poorly Paloma water heater of course.

Well thats now solved – I bodged a repair last time, but after speaking to an incredibly helpful guy who sells reconditioned Palomas on Ebay (no link but I can provide his phone number if anyone is intererested).  Without even describing my problem in detail he predicted that the inlet valve body had distorted with ice – and he was absolutlely right. 

After calling him back he was able to provide me with a fully recondiioned inlet valve for 20 pounds including postage and it came the next day – totally excellent service with loads of free advice thrown in.  And so today within 30 minutes I had replaced the old valve, cleaned 30 years of crap off the old boiler and found it fully working – better than ever as the inlet valve is now working properly, controlling the flow and therefore controlling the water temperature.

The sunshine makes it all the better, and I was amazed at how busy the Trent and Mersey has become today – at least 6 boats came past within an hour – more than we have seen all winter at home on the Kennet and Avon!

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  1. John Owen says:

    Hi, could you please let me have the telephone number of the guy who does the recon Palomas? Either by return e-mail or on 0796xxxxxx it would be much appreciated. Thank you John Owen.

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