The BW Dumped Trolley Hotline!

Tesco trolley in the Kennet and Avon
Tesco trolley in the Kennet and Avon

Canals are in the news this morning, midst the doom and gloom of the worlds financial meltdown there is still room on the BBC News website to announce “A hotline has been launched to help members of the public report abandoned shopping trolleys in canals and rivers.

With BW claiming that over 3,000 are dumped in the canals and rivers every year costing £150,000 to clear up, the article informs us that there is not only a new phone line to report our finds but also a Dumped Trolley Report Form on the BW website.

The phone hotline is 01923 291120 – a pleasant surprise to see that we don’t have to dial a premium rate phone number, especially when considering the majority of users will be calling from a mobile phone.  I must give it a try.  All I need now is to find an abandoned trolley……..

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  1. Jim says:

    Good to see you in blogging mode again Mike, We hope to be ‘oop north’ for this years grand tour, it would be good to tap into local (beer) knowledge at some time.

    Jim and Sarah

  2. Mike says:

    A few more sunny days like today and I’ll be off sampling some canalside beers myself. Will be good to see you again.


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