Nicholson Guides to the Waterways at bargain prices!

Nicholson Collins guides to the waterways have been around for years and for many boaters these are still the definitive guide books to the canals and rivers of the UK.

Next month, March 6th to be precise, the range is being relaunched so the current red covered range seems to be on offer at bargain prices online.

See the whole range on Amazon now!


It looks like some are already out of stock, especially Number 8 – Scotland. If anyone has one of these for sale I would really like a copy so please let me know!

Meanwhile I wonder how many people will be pre-ordering the new range. I’m not sure if its worth 7 x £9.74 from Amazon (RRP £14.99), and in fact these are available from Amazon Associates for half price. Perhaps I will add them to my Amazon wish list just incase someone is feeling generous!

(And yes – if you click the above links I may get a small commission from Amazon – my new blog needs all the support it can get!)

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