Moore to Lymm


Moore to Lymm, Bridgewater Canal : 7 miles, 0 locks

A beautiful warmish sunny day – perfect for cruising and most enjoyable.

Zulu at Lymm
Zulu at Lymm












Lymm Thursday market was on when we arrived – I’m glad I hadn’t come specially, but this is a very nice town with a huge choice of pubs and eating places.  Sadly from Saturday the dominant Somerfields supermarket is closing down and unlike Middlewich where Tesco will be re-opening in place of Somerfields, I’m not sure if anyone is taking this store over.  It is such a useful shopping stop for boaters and I will miss it – and Ive only ever been here a couple of times!

Back to the boat – a busy maintenance afternoon including an oil change.  This may not be all that interesting for you, but its useful to record it here so I can refer back in months to come.

My disaster of the day was to pop to Warrington for a spot of late shopping and then pop back to Lymm on a different bus which took a different route which I didn’t recognise.  We were 4 miles beyond Lymm when I realised, but the driver was happy to take me all the way to Altrincham and back while we chatted about boats.  He made sure I got off in Lymm too, so it was only about a one hour detour. It could therefore have been a lot worse, especially if it was the last bus.

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  1. NB_Blackstone says:

    Hi, we were in Lymm over the weekend and found out about Sommerfield closing. One of the staff told me that Spar were taking over the shop, but he didn’t say when.


  2. brian says:

    Don’t worry about missing your bus stop. I was talking to a friens today who works on the railways. He woke a chap between London and Ipswich, the chap then complained how late the train was runnining, (it was on time) Turned out the chap caught the train in London, fell asleep, travelled to Ipswich and then back to London and was on his second trip to Ipswich still asleeep when My friend woke him.

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