Snow Patrol concert, Manchester MEN Arena


Saturday night, 7th March 2009 – Manchester Evening News Arena – Snow Patrol

Seeing Snow Patrol was actually the reason for this trip to Manchester.  I would hazard a guess that I was the only member of the audience who had made a 7 day round trip – and it was certainly worth the effort.

Every time I see a band these days I am just as amazed by the quality of the production – both sound and visual, and tonight was no exception.  The sound was simply fantastic and the moving projection screens which formed the back of the stage were amazing too.

The band of course was absolutely brilliant too – one of the best concerts I have been to in a long time – when the entire stadium knows most of the words as well as the band, then the effect is amazing.  Despite the huge size of the venue lead singer GaryLightbody went ahead with performing from a random spot in the crowd where he suddenly appeared with acoustic guitar and microphone.  This was live entertainment at its best – some silly girl got hold of the microphone and screamed into it, but he recovered the situation with a simple “well that won’t be happening again!” and continued the song – with every electric light in the building being turned off and the crowd invited to take out their mobile phones and light up the arena like stars. 

“Its like performing in space” he said.

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