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I have been following the search for a stolen boat “Que Sera Sera” on Canal World Forums with interest, disappointed that it hasn’t been found yet and frustrated that there’s not a lot I can do to help, much as I would like to.

The most incredible aspect, apart from anyone being brazen enough to steal someone’s property from right under their nose, is the apparent unwillingness of the police to do anything except issue a crime number.  Apparently the officer who deals with theft is on holiday!!!  Nor has any interest been shown by newspapers (yet)…

The Middlewich Guardian today carries a story about Boat Engine Stolen… this is of course quite concerning in itself, as Zulu is moored only 200 yards from this boat, and there would surely be much more point to this article if it was able to give exact details of the stolen engine, but nevertheless the story has made it into the paper.  Canal World on the other hand has full details of Que Sera Sera, the stolen boat, but even if this reaches a readership of thousands there are still a lot of miles of canal to search.

Canal World have even published a poster but it would be great if this could appear in a local paper or two… this stolen boat is possibly now more than 100 miles from its starting point at Streethay Wharf, via the entire Ashby Canal and its such a shame it couldn’t have been found when sighted there earlier in the week.

It would be so nice to be able to report that it has been found, before the police get back from their holidays.  Please print out copies of this poster and circulate anywhere and everywhere!

Stolen Boat Que Sera Sera

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