Three 3G? Don’t do what I did!

Three 3G only £1,024 per Gigabyte
Three 3G only £1,024 per Gigabyte

No T-Mobile coverage today so I decided to activate my Three 3G PAYG service. Plugged it in, connected it up and as expected no websites are available except the Three website itself, where you can pay your ten pounds and get a months worth of internet access, or so I thought.

I hadn’t registered a card with Three, but no worries – it said the first time you do so a ten pound charge would be applied to the account which could then be converted into a 1 month mobile broadband service, and so I paid up.

The thank you screen included a link to click to convert the purchase into broadband but when I did so the internet services all sprung into life before I was able to convert my purchase into broadband, and I was being charged an unbelievable £1 per MEGABYTE – thats £1,024 per Gigabyte.  This is totally unfair and totally out of order Three.

So after 30 seconds of retrying I was clearly on the verge of spending all my credit. It had cost me something betweem 94p and £1.46 (their website contradicted iteslf) to discover I no longer had enough credit to convert my £10 to broadband, and so the only option was to pull the 3G connection before it spent all my money.  I couldn’t go back to pay more as they need 7 days to re-use the newly registered card.

Normally I praise Three for their network coverage and 3G speed especially where other providers fail.  But this time I am absolutely disgusted with forcing me to waste ten quid – so please be warned – don’t try this at home!  And to rub salt into the wound, T-Mobile works perfectly here in Northwich after all.

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