Middlewich to Middleofnowhere


Middlewich to Middle of Nowhere, Middlewich Branch 3 miles 6 locks

Evening departure from Middlewich
Evening departure from Middlewich

I realise to today how lucky we have been with the Easter weather compared to the South and East and today has been no exception – 10 hours of warm sunshine again.  Moored up below the Big Lock I gave up counting the number of boats coming through and at 5pm I decided to join them, so turned around and lined up with the umpteenth boat of the day to entertain the crowds at the pub.  It is so nice to see the Big Lock pub all lively and full of diners and drinkers again.

Above the Big lock, the new moorings look very smart and the playground was full of families enjoying themselves.  Suddenly bang crash and silence.  Oops – there went the bedroom window as a carelessly kicked football missed its target and scored a bullseye on Zulu – the kid that kicked it was in shock and I can’t believe this was anything but an amazingly bad time to be passing by.  A small queue at the next lock allowed time to pick the shards of broken glass out of the duvet thankful that it was only the top, opening pane of glass and not the main window itself.

So up the locks, keeping up with the hire boats despite being on my own, and turning right into the Middlewich Branch, greeted as always by Maureen in the lock cottage at Wardle lock then on into the setting sun to moor a couple of miles out of town in the middle of nowhere.  Lovely.

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