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My new Three balance - enough to buy a Broadband Light Package at last
My new Three balance - enough to buy a Broadband Light Package at last

Yesterday I made public my dissatisfaction with Three for taking my 10 pounds but charging me £1 per megabyte before I could convert it into a month’s Mobile Broadband.

So it is only fair to tell you about their follow-up to a complaint I sent by email.

Last night – within 24 hours of my complaint, I had a voicemail asking me to call them regarding my email complaint, and shortly afterwards the phone rang again; Three customer service, very concerned that I was not satisfied and within a couple of minutes my £10 credit was reinstated with an explanation of how to use this to purchase the broadband add-on.  I can’t complain about this standard of service – and I have heard plenty of negatives about it, so congratulations Three, I am much happier now.

The remaining problem is that  their advice was to ensure that only internet explorer is active and that no other application is using the internet while purchasing future credits.  But all computers will attempt to make dozens of internet connections invisibly – ranging from checking email, updating windows, updating anti-virus, updating all manner of other programs, checking the time, Skype and so on – even viruses themselves!  It isn’t realistic to expect the home user to know how to disable all of this traffic – perhaps those who can “ban all internet traffic” with a firewall program will be best equipped to do this, but then access to the Three website would be blocked. 

I will therefore ensure in the future that I have a printed Three top-up voucher from a shop before attemting to use the online top-up service again.  This allows you to browse free of charge (as long as your three account has no credit at all) to the Three website and input the voucher code while at the same time converting it to Broadband.  Upon pressing the submit button the service will be activated.

One remaining question then.  How many people purchase a ten pound voucher and use it up with their first 10 megabytes?  I know someone who did this thrice before asking me why their 3G didn’t work apart from the first 2 minutes.  Another question then.  How much do Three make from this unnecessarily confusing system?  If you have fallen victim to this, then you may like to know that you can call Three customer service on a normal mobile number 07782 333333 and avoid the 12 pence per minute !! fee for dialing their 500 number.   (If you want to speak to someone on this number instead of listen to menu options, press 0 # in quick succession.)  Lets see if they are nice to you as they were to me last night.

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  1. brian says:

    I use 3 on the boat to access the web, do e-mails and follow Forums etc. I pay £10 per month for 1gb/month.
    I have switched off automatic virus updates, I use AVG for that. I also turn off the Windows automatic updates. I only update these when I have a Broadband connection at home or wi-fi hot spot.
    You can turn off the updates in “Control Panel” Security.

  2. Yeah 3 customer service can definitetly be described as ‘variable’. Did you know that 3 are now doing a contract offer for 15GB a month for £15. This is the best deal I’ve found so far.

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