A month on the Thames


Well a whole month has flown by and I do apologise for not posting anything recently.

If you know me you may know why I don’t blog about the boat I call home, and if you don’t then you will just have to wonder! 

Salters Steamer leaves Windsor
Salters Steamer leaves Windsor

Our month on the Thames has been absolutely wonderful – it makes a huge change from the canals and really comes alive on hot sunny days where every conceivable use of the river is being made. 

Coming back to the canal, I am seriously tempted to get another short term licence and go back next week.

Every year I normally buy a Gold Licence which adds unrestricted access to the Thames and other non BW rivers but the additional cost has now increased to over £360 per annum.  This year I took out a standard licence and regret the loss of flexibility which the Gold would have given.  With visitor fees starting at £35 per day its not easy to justify short trips onto the Thames, although 14 and 31 day licences are cheaper it still cost £156.50 for the month.  Making a mental note to convert back to Gold for next year!

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