Water water everywhere – the pump’s broken


A visit to Zulu this week started badly.  She was definitely down at the stern more than normal, which immediately starts the heart racing, as the last thing I need is to find the engine bilge flooded.

But all was well in the engine department – an automatic bilge pump sees that the rain water is removed and so I relaxed for a moment, until putting the kettle on and finding no water in the taps.  I optimistically refilled the tank so I could check for leaks and have a cup of coffee.

It didn’t take a genius to work out that with an empty water tank and a tail heavy appearance, the contents must have moved from the front to the back – and indeed this was confirmed when I opened up the water pump cupboard and found the newly refilled tank pouring its contents back into the newly dry cabin bilge.  The Sureflow pump had failed spectacularly – how are these things constructed so badly that they can burst open and flood the boat (this is the third boat with a Sureflow pump and the third time I have had to mop up a leaking Sureflow pump).

I really don’t understand why I then went out and bought another one the same – at least it fitted back into the same space without replumbing too.  At least it has a three year guarantee.

So Zulu you well and truly got your revenge for being neglected last month.  I promise not to leave you so long again.

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  1. Alan Riley says:

    We have just come across the same problem, fortunately we are living on the boat and so as far as I can see not too much damage. I have just tightened the screws and it seems to be ok, fingers crossed.

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