Famous last words

Low water in Reading
Low water in Reading

Well I can see the funny side but at the time….

In Reading is a low bridge at the old Gas Works.  I have been through dozens of times and normally drop the chimney to get through, however recently the level has been a bit low so it hasn’t been necessary.

I even remember saying “The level’s about 9inches up on yesterday” before setting off and crunching the chimney on the bridge.  Not hard enough to knock it off, but it now is disntinctly less round than it was before.  Its amazing how much dust and rust it disturbed though, and it has actually split the seam too, so its going to be a new chimney to add to the ever growing list of repairs.

It reminds me of a couple of years ago at the same spot when a boat came zooming past complete with a baby in a car seat on the roof…..  they didn’t half get the baby down quickly.

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