No internet on the Shroppie


Lack of posting this week has been due to total lack of any form of internet.
Middlewich Branch to Waverton over four days: 20 miles 14 locks (including a little to-ing and fro-ing).

It didn't rain all day!
It didn't rain all day!

I have an iPhone, T-Mobile 3G and Three 3G.  Moored at Beeston for a couple of days I could get no signal whatsoever from the 3G services and the iPhone was showing “No Service” most of the time unless I stood on the bank where the phone was just about usable in short bursts, but no usable data connection at all.

Zulu is still heading for Chester – we should get there today, but spent a very nice few days on the Middlewich Branch and Shroppie near Beeston.  The weekend rush died down on Tuesday and the canal is once again very quiet, but I expect there to be a surge of hire boats heading back to base tonight.  The weather has been just awful for July – even when the sun comes out it still manages to rain every hour or so, guaranteeing a good soaking every time I manage to get dry.  Filled up with diesel at Venetian Marine (63p) and had a very nice lunch at the marina cafe.  Mum and Dad visited for a couple of days, staying near Beeston, but we sadly had to cancel the planned boat ride due to the most horrendous weather on Wednesday.  It would have been no fun for any of us, so instead I took them by road to the Anderton Lift.  They said they enjoyed it anyway!  The down side of not doing a boat trip on Zulu was that she had ended up pointing in the wrong direction, so I had to take her on quite a diversion to turn back towards Chester.  For the record you can turn a 50ft boat between Tilstone Lock and Bunbury!

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