Boat rescued on its way from Ripon to London …… at sea??!?!!

Well here I am sitting by the fire in glorious sunshine, while only an hour ago it was a heavy blizzard and so icy I couldn’t even walk back from town.  Worried about safety on a day like this, I have decided to stay put even though it seems quite nice right now, as conditions can clearly change by the minute.

So what the !!***x! were these guys thinking yesterday when, according to the MCA a couple in their 60s had just bought a boat at Ripon and taken it out into the Humber Estuary on their way to London!  It is beyond belief, but with an official report on the MCA website, this is no joke.  To think that the lifeboat crews had to scramble in these horrendous conditions to go to their rescue, only able to locate them by a weak mobile phone signal, seems so unfair.  I hope they make a serious donation to the RNLI once they realise how stupid they have been.

But wait a minute… I just had a thought: There are no frozen locks to negotiate from Middlewich to Anderton where I can go down the Anderton Lift onto the River Weaver and according to my schoolboy world atlas somehow get into the sea near Liverpool by following the blue lines, and it should then be easy to head roughly southwards following the coast until I find London, which is only a hop skip and a jump from Uxbridge.   Problem solved.** 

Link to story on MCA:
 – Couple adrift in grim weather conditions
“At 02 26 this morning Yarmouth Coastguard received a 999 call on mobile phone from a 30 ft motor cruiser the LADY3”

** Just to ensure there is absolutley no doubt, this is intended as pure sarcasm and in no way should be interpreted as a statement of intent… Okay??

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