Progress report from Brewood


Frozen Wolverhampton locks at Autherley
Frozen Wolverhampton locks at Autherley

Tuesday 12th January 2010


No progress.

Today I took a drive up to Brewood just to check that Zulu was OK in the cold.  Inside the cabin it had been minus 4 degrees and the water in the kettle was frozen solid.  What a good job I drained the water system down before leaving last week.

Apart from that, everything was fine, apart from the frozen canal of course.  Thin ice at Brewood, almost clear in places, turned very thick out of town.  For a moment, deceived by the lack of snow on the roads, I though it may even be possible to d a bit of boating this week, and I took the dog for a walk along the old railway towards Autherley Junction.  The Staffs and Worcester was once again ice free but up at the Junction it was even more frozen than last time and absolutely no sign of broken ice whatsoever, so unless someone can tell me otherwise, I don’t believe a single boat has managed to get up the Wolverhampton locks since I tried two weeks ago.

So back to the car, and back home just in time to miss the next wave of snow, which on Wednesday morning is now lying over 6 inches deep in places, with at least 2 inches of new snow falling overnight. 

Zulu will have to stay put for the foreseeable future.

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  1. Mike Brighton] says:

    Down on the Wey we have no ice at all and heavy rain today. So for sure over the next few days you should be able to get mobile again. Best Wishes

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