Who stole my coal?

Angry this morning. Over the last 10 days in Birmingham someone stole my 2 bags of taybrite.

Rant over. It’s a lovely day today and I’m blogging from my iPhone as I crack the ice through Edgbaston.

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  1. Mike Brighton] says:

    lowlifes!! If its not tied down some people thing its accepatable to STEAL it. Ah well, even the cut has its disadvantages.
    Happy cracking
    Mick Brighton

  2. Mike says:

    Ah well… they left me the rest of the boat… and the diesel too so they can’t be all bad.

  3. Mike Brighton] says:

    Thats the spirit! Turn the other cheek.

    I expect that in Karmic terms, your coal stealers have long forgotten why bad things happen to them and why they cannot afford their own coal.
    Still, gives them more money for cider!

    Best wishes

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