Hatton here I come!

Hatton Locks
Hatton Locks

I have recently been praising the power of blogging as a means of on the spot reporting, and thanks to another blogger I can rest easy that Zulu is still safely moored at Kingswood Junction having seen her photographed by John on Epiphany on Monday morning.  “On the left, a fellow bloggers boat” –  that’s Zulu!

British Waterways have now confirmed that the over-running stoppage at Braunston Tunnel will be completed by 11th March and so there is now nothing stopping us from making some good progress.  So Hatton locks will soon be behind us and with a bit of luck this weekend I will be able to reach somewhere in the Braunston area, or possibly Long Itchington.  Within one boat’s length of our current mooring I will finally be on the Grand Union Canal, but there is still a long way to go!

Meanwhile I did say that there is one flight I don’t like doing single handed – yes Hatton!  After 3 months of narrow locks, Hatton locks are going to seem even more enormous and as there’s 21 of them all in a row, it is a lot safer and much more efficient to have another pair of hands.

So for the second time in this journey I am offering an endless supply of coffee, bacon rolls and something stronger if required in exchange for some enthusiastic lock wheeling.  Whether you fancy a day’s exercise, would like to know more about the canals or just love doing locks for the sake of it, please dont be shy in coming forward to volunteer your services!   It will probably be Saturday 6th morning if anyone really is interested.  I would appreciate the help!

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