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Zulu gets a mention in March Towpath Talk
Zulu gets a mention in March Towpath Talk

Towpath Talk, the monthly free canal newspaper, has kindly given me a mention in the March Edition, issue 54.

Helen Gazeley writes “Wet Web” which this month focuses on canal bloggers, and several quotatins from yours truly and even a photo of a very cold snowy looking Zulu can be found on page 52 and 53.

When she asked me for my thoughts on blogging it struck me that blogging is one of the things I should have invented, way back in 1993 when I first used to have a personal website on which I rambled on about something or other, and people could comment by email.  Whilst it had a little bit of static content, regarding Cavendish Bridge – my old home next to Shardlow, the majority was “Mikes Fridge”, which opened up to reveal what I was thinking today.  My web log.  I was blogging but we didn’t have a word for it!    We watched the likes of blogger.com being launched in the late 1990’s, oblivious to the potential and fell off the chair when we realised how much the likes of Google were prepared to pay to catch up. Missed the boat I guess but nevertheless satisfying to know I was in at the very beginning.

In those early days of the internet a friend and I even wrote one of the very first HTML editors on the market, which we published as shareware.  We often used to joke about our “unique features” appearing in our competitor’s products, such as Hot Dog, Coffee Cup, Homesite way before Dreamweaver, wondering if we could have become the market leader and even become rich.  After all, we got reviewed in magazines more favourably than the mighty Microsoft’s earliest attempts at Frontpage, but that wasn’t necessarily a guarantee of instant fame.  Definitely another case of missing the boat, if there ever was one.

Digressing slightly, but in those days dial-up internet involved calling a modem on a London phone number and the resulting phone bill was hundreds of pounds a month, while downloading was a major operation of trial and error for hour after hour.  How things have changed.

So with two boats missed, I have lived on one ever since and once again am blogging whatever comes into my head.  As my life revolves around boats and computers, it is usually about one or other of these subjects. 

Unlike the early website which has now completely disappeared, one of the strongest benefits of blogging is that it continues to grow daily and much content will survive ad infinitum, forming the most incredible snapshot of life from the user’s point of view.  Imagine if we had the same from 100 years ago!  Having recently updated my list of other canal bloggers I have almost 200, some 40 of whom are updating several times a week!

So if you have followed a link here from Towpath Talk, I would love you to bookmark it for later, as you never know what you may find here next! 

Thanks for looking.

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