Taking the Pee on the Regents Canal

Running away when they saw the camera
Running away when they saw the camera

On Saturday I was moving a boat through London.  What a shame I didn’t have the camera easily to hand. The shadowy figures (there were 5 or 6 altogether) escaping in my picture were running away because they though it amusing to pee over the boat as we went under Lisson Grove just at the far end of Maida Hill Tunnel after leaving Little Venice.  I stopped before being in range, and of course seeing the camera they scarpered before I could get a good shot.  Next time you wont be so lucky!  In fact there may not be a next time as two police walked by shortly afterwards and recognised the description.

Lets hope this isn’t going to be a silly season with a start like that – and meanwhile if you are passing through Lisson Grove Estate you may like to carry an umbrella just in case!

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