Catching up and spending too much

Zulu in London, taken from Lapwing
Zulu moored in London, taken from Lapwing

There’s not much happening on the Zulu front at present hence the silence.  Since Cavalcade at Little Venice I took Zulu back to her moorings in Uxbridge after work one night, travelling into the moonlight and arriving for a food stop at West Drayton at midnight, starving and freezing cold.  I pulled in to the seldom used bollards by the bridge near the station and went off through desserted streets in search of food. Never has a KFC tasted as good as that – well it was the only option at that time of the night!

The other big event of the month was passing the Boat Safety Scheme examination with only a warning about strapping up the gas cylinder (even in a locker which is not much bigger than the cylinder itself), which was easily put right on the spot.  That’s Zulu’s  BSS sorted for the next four years then – and with the certificate in hand I was able to renew the licence by emailling a copy to BW and the new licence discs were posted by return (excellent service from the BW licensing office).  An expensive month, but not restricted to paying the best part of 800 pounds for the BSS and licence, but the other boat is having its annual battery crisis and I have spent a total of 500 pounds on that too, plus a promise to get solar panels as soon as possible.

The bank balance certainly doesn’t look too healthy at the moment, so I took a look at what I may be spending money on without any particular benefit and cancelled the following subscriptions which I had been paying but never using:

1. World of Warcraft account – £9 per month.  I used to play this but seem to be far to busy now – its 6 months since I logged on, so its not surprising Blizzard, the distributors, are making a fortune.

2. Experts Exchange account – £9 per month.  Taken out to solve one particular string of IT problems with intention of cancelling before the free period ended (last year).  Hmmmm.

3. A spare online database which I never use, £30 per annum.

Its actually amazing how easy it is to sign up for something online and then just let it automatically renew month after month.  So I feel a bit better for making these changes, potentially saving almost £250 per annum, which should be enough for a couple of tanks of diesel.  Easy come easy go I suppose!

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