For all those boat owners wondering what the market is like at the moment – it seems pretty buoyant to me.

I had intended to put Zulu on the market in the summer but last Friday I started to write an advert on Apolloduck – one thing led to another and I decided to test the water, as it were and pressed the “publish” button.

Within three days I had a dozen enquiries, some more serious than others.

And by Tuesday I had a buyer who collected Zulu yesterday.  I would therefore say that the market is fairly alive certainly in this lower end price range.

So best of luck to the new owners – I know you have a nice mooring already and hopefully Zulu will give you as much pleasure as I have had during almost three years of ownership.  Doesn’t time fly!

Now I wonder whether I have saved enough to buy another one……..

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  1. Sue says:

    It’s all very well you selling this boat you know. But what are you going to blog on now?

    You best hurry up and buy another one! 😀

    Oh PS.. Well done on your sale

    1. Mike says:

      Thanks Sue
      I still live on Globetrotter so not exactly boatless!
      But its soooo tempting to see how much of a trad working boat I can scrape together – moneys no good in the bank right now.

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