Jodphur days 2 and 3


Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st March 2011

Theres not much more to say about Jodhpur – its an incredibly busy place with motor bikes, rickshaws and horse carts everywhere, with the occasional camel thrown in.  Traffic at busy road junctions is a nightmare and pollution everywhere.

The side streets are as dirty as I have seen anywhere with open sewers and even open toilets at the road side.  You can tell Im not over-impressed with the place, yet, like Marrakech, it has a timeless charm about it too. 

Most of the other sights are out of town and in the heat I couldn’t really be bothered to trail miles and miles to see more of the same, and so I have simply settled down to relax in the guest house with the occasional stroll around the surrounding markets.

It is incredible but at 6pm I am now packing my bags and getting ready to head for the station where I will be catching the 22:30 Jaisalmer Delhi Express, due to arrive tomorrow morning at 11:05.   Thereafter to the airport and to home, via Dubai.

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